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Greetings and welcome to my website

My name is Julian Perez and I'm a Software Engineer (my Linkedin profile) who, after doing poll processing at ICIODI and image processing at eicisoft (both in Cuba), worked for 12 years in the games industry (Pyro Studios Spain and Electronic Arts) and spent the last years developing web pages and services. Why "Julian at Deltona"? Well... because I lived at Deltona several yeats and, even when I don't live there anymore I still love that wonderful city. I'm also a and used to be a Science Fiction writer but don't count on that: I haven't written fiction for centuries. More recently, I published a book where I tried to share my love for my new country: "My Discovery of America"

What else? Ah, yes! I'm an enthusiastic bridge player.

If I have to select the most important day of my life, no doubt that would be the day our daughter was born. But if I have to select the most exciting day, that would be my escape from the Cuban dictatorship. The details are described , in a letter (I translated it from Spanish) that I sent, years later, to friend.

John Donne wrote that no man is an island, entire of itself. The definition of who am I would be incomplete without mentioning my beloved wife Maria Felicia, our wonderful daughter Indira, my friends all over the world (USA, Cuba, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, France and Germany) and the online friends (I play bridge in BBO (nickname Sabuli) with people worldwide and Sabuli also has great friends in the virtual Egypt of A tale in the desert). For all of them, a place in my heart. Special thoughts for the human and not human (our dog Santos and the cat Rayita, that lived a long life with us) departed friends and relatives.

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