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Graphic Adventures: Some interactive walkthroughs

Here is my humble tribute to a gaming genre that is still my favorite (with difference).

Richard Moss wrote an excellent history of the genre but, in a nutshell, it started with the Colossal Cave text adventure, Ken and Roberta Williams added graphics with Mistery House (1980) and animation with King's Quest (1984). When typing sentences was replaced with clicking over verbs, action icons (walk, take, use...) or objects in the screen, the genre started to be called "point-and-click adventures". Cornerstones in that change were Deja Vu (1985) and Maniac Mansion (1987). In the 1980s the genre was king, but from the 1990s the Graphic Adventures gradually dissapeared from the shelves. Companies like Pendulo Studios and Revolution Software, fans of the genre and non profit groups continued producing excellent Adventures, keeping the genre alive.

These are the games I've played or would like to play. It includes the major milestones in the history of the genre. Download DosBox for playing some of the old games in modern systems.

       Name containing:   
IDGame nameDeveloper or PublisherRelease dateMy solutionAboutGet itLet's play
001Mystery HouseSierra On-Line1980 Solution
002Mission AsteroidSierra On-Line1980 Solution
003Wizard and the PrincessSierra On-Line1980 Solution
004King's Quest 1 (Original): Quest for the CrownSierra On-Line1984 Solution
005King's Quest 2 (Original): Romancing the ThroneSierra On-Line1985 Solution
006Deja VuICOM Simulations1985 Solution
007King's Quest 3 (Original): To Heir Is HumanSierra On-Line1986 Solution
008Space Quest 1 (Original): The Sarien EncounterSierra On-Line1986 Solution
009The Black CauldronSierra On-Line1986 Solution
010Leisure Suit Larry 1 (Original)Sierra On-Line1987 Solution
011Maniac MansionLucasArts1987 Solution
012Police Quest 1 (Original): In Pursuit of the Death AngelSierra On-Line1987 Solution
013Space Quest 2 (Original): Vohaul's RevengeSierra On-Line1987 Solution
014King's Quest 4: The Perils of RosellaSierra On-Line1988 Solution
015Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places)Sierra On-Line1988 Solution
016Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating PectoralsSierra On-Line1989 Solution
017Quest for Glory 1 (Original): So You Want to Be a HeroSierra On-Line1989 Solution
018The Secret of Monkey Island 1 (Original)LucasArts1990 Solution
019King's Quest 5: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!Sierra On-Line1990 Solution
020The adventures of Willy BeamishDynamix1991 Solution
021Gabriel Knight 1: Sins of the FathersSierra On-Line1993 Solution
022King Quest 1 (AGD): Quest for the ThroneAGD Interactive2001 Solution
023King Quest 2 (AGD): Romancing the StonesAGD Interactive2002 Solution
024King Quest 3 (IA): To Heir is HumanInfamous Adventures2006 Solution
025Space Quest 2 (IA): Vohaul RevengeInfamous Adventures2011 Solution
026Space Quest: Vohaul Strikes BackTeam VSB2011 Solution
027Space Quest: IncinerationsFan-made2012 Solution