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Julian at Deltona
(With a few of my favorite things)
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Greetings and welcome to my website

Maria Felicia's books

(in Spanish)

My name is Julian Perez and I'm a Software Engineer (my resume here) who, after doing poll processing at ICIODI and image processing at eicisoft (both in Cuba), worked for 12 years in the games industry (Pyro Studios Spain and Electronic Arts) and currently work in Touchrate and AMMPlus .

I'm also a Mathematician and a Science Fiction writer but don't count on that: I haven't written for centuries. What else? Ah, yes! I'm an enthusiastic bridge player.

Why "Julian at Deltona"? Well... because I live at Deltona and I love my city.

But the definition of who am I would be incomplete without mentioning my beloved wife Maria Felicia, our wonderful daughter Indira, the dog Santos, the cat Rayita and all my friends in USA, Cuba, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, France and Germany. And the online friends: I play bridge in BBO (nickname Sabuli) with people worldwide and Sabuli also has great friends in the virtual Egypt of A tale in the desert. For all of them, a place in my heart.

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